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You Dirty Lover

LASALLE, Singapore, 2019


Korzo Theatre, The Hague, 2019

Daddy was a dirty lover

Daddy hated me from the start, said I was a cursed child

Second born son is bad luck he said, fuck off he said

Daddy left his family to fuck someone else

Told me I shouldn’t wear a skirt, not to keep my hair out, not to wear heels, only girls do that he said

All you could ask me was ‘why’, ‘why’ can’t you be like everyone else, why are you such a faggot, a queer bitch

I sense your violent eyes, I see how you look at me

You would have me brutalised and raped on the street by fist and asphalt, so you could say, ‘I told you so’, ‘told you not to be different’. 


The world must learn, I will not change for you


Daddy was a dirty lover


I am a dirty lover


I am your enemy, and I will dance


I will dance for you, I will dance for you


I will dance on your grave, just as I will dance on mine

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