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Swiss Alps & WallStreet Art Space, Fribourg, 2020

Performed in collaboration with Sophie de Serière, the work builds on "A Walk From Berlin to Vienna" in undertaking another extended walk, this time, from Lugano (Italy) to Fribourg (Switzerland). A primary locus of our journey involved searching for mystical fragments – stories, objects, sounds – from the mountainous regions of Switzerland. We were particularly drawn to Monte Verita (The Mountain of Truth), which played host to many radical and utopian groups within the last century. Monte Verita had brought together several well-known artists, writers, and dancers including Mary Wigman, Rudolf Laban, and Isadora Duncan. Although Monte Verita has been turned into mansions for the wealthy, we were still able to gather fragments of magical encounters from some locals. These fragments blurred the perceived separation between the real and fictional, appearing in various forms – stories from welcoming hosts, found and recycled detritus, unexplained natural phenomena. Whenever possible, we collected these fragments in letters and posted them to Alfatih, a friend whom we had never met but was waiting to receive us at journey's end. The last day of the jourrney was marked by a joyous meeting with Alfatih, leading to a collectively cooked meal in the WallStreet Art Space. Some friends we made along the way also came to join our celebrations.

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