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Becoming Ted Green


My journey began as something small — an unaddressed envelope titled ‘A Brief History of Ted Greenʼ containing the 2016 graduation show work of Ted Green, a former Central Saint Martinsʼ student. For two years in my possession, the envelope has remained sealed, its contents and the identity of the owner unknown to me.


I am in search of the miraculous and the parcel is my companion; we have gone through a multitude of adventures — to America, Dusseldorf, Finland and back; it has been used, observed, analysed, caressed. It now makes an appearance at this year’s show, vitalised through me, my friends, and strangers alike, at each juncture, creating ever new constellations between past and future, in the exchanges between myself and other.


What can an object or idea do? What can it become? Like branches and rhizomes spreading up in the sky and down into the earth, the envelope grows. ‘Ted Green’ has generated many conversations, experiences and confrontations. One might say that Ted Green could be all objects, all ideas, all desires. Ted Green could be anywhere — it could confound and intrigue any one of us.


In its current form, the work is shown as a living archive — documents and materials that have been collected are placed on display, yet, they are not truth, not complete and not static. They continue to be generative, full of life and punctured by gaps, in dynamic relationships with those who engage with it. The audiences striate the lines in the sand — they enter from any direction, exit with any intention, the work is a plane of exchange; it is a presentation of my methods and worldview.


Audiences are invited to take their own Ted Green parcel and run with their desires as I have. They are free to keep running, for until the parcel is open, their ideas, and mine, remain active and disturbing.

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